Chair of Sociology I

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Dr. h.c. Hans-Peter Blossfeld

Otto Friedrich University Bamberg
Postfach 1549
D-96045 Bamberg



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Hans-Peter Blossfeld awarded by the European Research Council - a 2.5 million Euro advanced grant for new project eduLIFE goes to Bamberg. See press release here!german version of release)

Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Blossfeld received honorary doctor. See report here!

Research of sociology I in magazine soziologie heute, april issue - watch it now!

Recent Book Publications

Aging Populations, Globalization and the Labor Market -
Comparing Late Working Life and Retirement in Modern Societies

Edited by Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Sandra Buchholz and Karin Kurz

“Welfare states react to globalization and adapt to aging populations by reducing early retirement pathways and public benefits. How have these changes affected the transition to and income situation during retirement? To investigate this crucial question, this eminent international team conducted sophisticated micro-level analyses of retirement patterns and old age inequality across Europe and the USA. For anyone wishing to understand the significant cross-national differences that determine employment precariousness and social inequality in old age, this book is a must-read.”

– Bernhard Ebbinghaus, University of Mannheim, Germany

Young Workers, Globalization and the Labor Market -
Comparing Early Working Life in Eleven Countries

Edited by Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Sandra Buchholz, Erzsébet Bukodi and Karin Kurz

This book examines the labor market chances of young adults in the US and in ten European societies over the past three decades. As young adults represent a very vulnerable labor market group, flexible and insecure employment tends to be pronounced especially at labor market entry. Discussing the development of social inequality structures in an era of globalization, this book explores which groups of young adults are especially affected by increasing employment insecurities.

Globalized Labour Markets and Social Inequality in Europe

Edited by Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Sandra Buchholz, Dirk Hofäcker and Kathrin Kolb

In both academia as well as public discourse, globalization has turned into a prominent reference when discussing recent changes in contemporary societies. The majority of earlier literature, however, has largely restricted itself to the broader relationship between globalization and entire national economies, although there have been smaller studies that have investigated how globalization actually 'trickles down' to the individual life course levels of modern European citizens, concentrating on single life course transitions. Based on contributions from international experts, this volume extends this perspective by providing an up-to-date account of globalization's influences on individual life courses in nine different European societies and of political strategies to mediate this influence. The authors provide ample evidence that globalization does not lead to an equivocal 'race to the bottom' in modern welfare states but is mediated differently by nation-specific institutions.

Youth on Globalised Labour Markets -
Rising Uncertainty and its Effects on Early Employment and Family Lives in Europe

Edited by Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Dirk Hofäcker and Sonia Bertolini

Does the development of labour market insecurities reflect on family life and family planning in Europe? The book provides insights by specialists in the field. Following the repercussions of the recent financial market crisis, both academic as well as public interest in the phenomena of transnationalisation, globalization and Europeanization has continued to rise. Increasing ly, the three terms have become central reference points for media, politicians, acad mics, and policy-makers to explain social change in the modern societies of contemporary Europe.


Event History Analysis with Stata

By Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Katrin Golsch and Götz Rohwer

This book provides an introduction to event history modeling techniques using Stata (version 9), a widely used statistical program that provides tools for data analysis. The book emphasizes the usefulness of event history models for causal analysis in the social sciences and the application of continuous-time models.

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Books from the GLOBALIFE Project

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